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And then I came back to London, headed straight to Topshop and bought the most amazing duffle coat for a mere £90 that has now seen me snugly through two winters and will last at least two more.

Made in England with excellent quality and style. Attached hood with adjusters. Good pre-owned condition with light pilling.

Gloverall, Founded , England is the archetypal luxury British Designer brand. Famous for Original Men's and Women's Ladies Duffle coats, Original Monty, British Naval Reefers, British Winter Warms, Overcoats, Raincoats and Trench coats.
Mens Duffle Coats; Mens Duffle Coats. The iconic duffle coat is a fashion staple. From humble naval roots to modern day classic, duffle coats have long been regarded for their style, warmth and practicality. As the oldest duffle coat manufacturer in the world, we have a long heritage of quality and style, a heritage that can be felt in each and.
Mens Duffle Coats; Mens Duffle Coats. The iconic duffle coat is a fashion staple. From humble naval roots to modern day classic, duffle coats have long been regarded for their style, warmth and practicality. As the oldest duffle coat manufacturer in the world, we have a long heritage of quality and style, a heritage that can be felt in each and.
British Duffle Coat Maker. Original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 's to make the first duffle coats.
Watch video · Up your coat game with the men's duffle coat. Call it a toggle or a duffle, the coat of your duffle dreams is in our list of the 10 Best Men's Duffle Coats.
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Buy Original Montgomery Mens Duffle Coat -- Toggle Coat and other Wool & Blends at failvideo.ml Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns. Original Montgomery Mens Duffle Coat -- Toggle Coat He really wanted a duffle coat so he could wear it over his suits as well as with more casual clothing. After reading all /5(57).

In fact, it looked almost identical in cut to the Baxter clothing ad above from Then I noticed that the check lining, nice as it was, was different to the image on eBay. Being an irritating perfectionship bit polite with it I emailed the seller and got immediate friendly service from their customer dept.

A couple of days later, another email to say they found one with the exact tartan I was looking for a very dark blue and green with red stripe through it, more subdued than the mid-blue below and they are shipping it off to me as I type.

I wonder if it was the coat making department of John Partridge that was up for sale some years back by the owners of Thomas Pink and claimed a very similar heritage? The Monty always seemed a little sparse on the old toggle front. It was Italian tourists in Edinburgh that turned me back on to the duffle coats, driving out bad childhood memories.

I thought how great these old boys looked with their silvery hair, light brown duffle coats, tartan scarves and corduroys. Back then, I could only find duffle coats to buy in newspaper small adds. Saddle shoulders and made in Scotland.

I have a couple. Ah, great minds search alike. I also have a couple from that seller — I found the sizing to be very wide so I got the sewing machine out and stitched the inside into a trim fit, cut off the excess and voila, a s skinny fit style, great over madras and highwater white levis.

Peter who also commented on here mentioned that Present are selling Shaggy Dog shetlands but not many sizes left. I have been planning a post on a round up of Shetlands, will try to get around to it soon. Look forward to it. I know a very trad knitwear shop that sometimes has Shetland made Shetlands. That just about sums up a lot of traditional British product, Michael.

Original Montgomery was actually previously known as the Tibett company, one of the last historical brands still alive, with Partridge, which can proud themselves with providing the real stuff since WWI. I think the present owners just bought the name and like the other duffle makers all use the same couple of reamining English factories to produce them.

I was very disapointed, when found after 3 month, that first toggle leather hook break off. I have wear my coat very carefully. I look to their site again, wooden toggles version looks much better in details.

This is an area that should be revisited and made more useful for domestic and foreign prospects. Coat manufacturers spend more time making their coats look pretty because prettiness tempts consumers more quickly than practicality, which is why I own about 12 coats I can't wear and have met more sociopathic weirdos than a person should know in five lifetimes. But there comes a point when covered buttons and sociopathy just don't do it for you any more, no matter how pretty the buttons or eyes.

You want something or someone that makes you feel, I don't know, content. But does that mean sacrificing prettiness? Settling for spinach and forsaking chocolate cake? No, Marla, it does not. For example, last winter I was living in New York and it became so cold I bought, in an afternoon of frostbitten despair, a floorlength padded coat that made me more look more Glo-Worm than human.

I was now warm and a worm , yes, but the feeling it brought of having been essentially dehumanised somewhat mitigated the sense of pleasure. So, warmth and attractiveness can go together. But there are some things you need to look out for in order for this to work. First, make sure the coat is of a length that will work with the rest of your wardrobe: Only get a coat with big pockets, otherwise you will lose your gloves and hat within a month, guaranteed.

Ensure the coat properly does up all the way not a given with a duffle coat — you need a zip or snaps as well as the toggles. And, most of all, get a coat with a hood.

Why don't all coats have hoods? Why does the tide go in and out? Why are we all here on this planet? But most of all, why don't all coats have hoods? Hoods are my non-negotiable essential on winter coats from hereon, ever since my beloved Topshop duffle taught me what I'd been missing all this time.

It's like the first time you go out with someone who's not a total creep and you realise: I'm supposed to be happy in a relationship!

So you see, it really isn't easy. Just stop wasting your time on hoodless sociopathic coats with a cocaine problem.

Whether you want to wrap up or simply look hot, here is some inspiration for your winter wardrobe from the catwalk and the high street. From sweetie-wrapper colours to supersized puffers, the essential items for your new winter wardrobe. Marla, by email Interesting that you should say that warmth and protection from water are "obvious", Marla, because the vast majority of coat manufacturers — and even coat buyers — do not seem to be of that opinion.

Duffle Coat History Just like the trenchcoat, there are manifold variations of the duffle coat today, and while all are perfectly fine to wear, it is interesting to know the origins of the garment and how it obtained the characteristic hood and toggle buttons. Mens Charcoal Duffle Coat | Wooden Toggles | Buy direct and save Mens Charcoal Duffle Coat Wooden Toggles Buy Direct And Save. Used & Vintage Duffle Coats. One if the first civilian duffles made by Gloverall in the early &39s. It is. womens duffle coats. Asos Duffle Coat In Navy. One You Can Buy: Original Montgomery Duffle Coat The Weejun | 15 Aug ’11 | 14 Comments Last week I posted on the search for classic duffle coats and their extraordinary hybrid history and promised details of a coat that I’d found that was a really great mix of the wooden toggles and sisal fastenings of the Gloverall Montgomery with the more wearable 60s style tartan lined pancake hood models.

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